Midas Glitter

Available with us is an exclusive assortment of lacquer coated polyester film that is used as a base layer for various types of films and finds application for various purposes such as Metallic Yarn, Glitter powder and Decoration. Competitively priced, our gamut of lacquer coated polyester film can be customized as per the specific demands of our clients.
We give special treatment while coating polyester film to produce best quality polyester film.

Following types of lacquered/coated films are available with us:

  • One side Lacquered Metalized Polyester Film
  • Both Side Lacquered Metalized Polyester Film (D. G. Grade)
  • Lacquered Metalized Polyester Film (Extra Slippage)




One side Lacquered Metallized Polyester Filmallized Polyester Yarn Grade Pin Hole Free (Thermally Stable)

12 Microns

Lamination Film for Boxes

Both Side Lacquered Metallized Polyester Film (D. G. Grade)

12/24 Microns

Metallic Yarn/Zari, Decorative Applications

Lacquered Metallized Polyester Film (Extra Slippage)

24/36 Microns

Glitter Powder

Both Side Lacquered Metallized Polyester Film (D.G. Grade)

135 micron


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